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I am a culinary professional specializing in healthy cooking. I offer services in recipe development, food writing, food styling, nutrition analysis, product development consulting, and educational programs.   You will find  a sampling of my recipes, my food styling portfolio, descriptions of my cooking classes, and cooking videos on this site. I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Try some recipes and discover how delicious healthy food can taste! Please contact me if you have any questions.
Herb-Roasted Turkey
We all look forward to a Thanksgiving feast, but may be wary about all the unhealthy temptations. However, turkey is one of the leaner meats. As long as you watch your portion size, avoid the skin, de-fat the drippings thoroughly and fill your plate with vegetables, there is no reason why your Thanksgiving dinner can’t be truly healthy meal!  
Here's to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!
Marbled Pumpkin Pie with Crystallized Ginger
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie! This lower-fat version is distinguished by a seasoning of crystallized ginger and an attractive swirl of sour cream, which provides a creamy contrast to the spicy pumpkin filling. The mellow and floral sweetness of honey pairs beautifully with pumpkin.
Wild Rice & Barley Stuffing
Instead of a traditional fat-laden bread-and-sausage stuffing, try this wholesome pairing of whole grains to accompany your holiday turkey. Barley and wild rice are a compatible twosome as they cook in about the same time. The result is an interesting side dish with a delightful chewy texture and nutty flavor. Serving the stuffing in a roasted squash bowls (see Tip below) gives it presence, making it a focal point of a festive vegetarian meal.