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Sole Pinwheels with Spinach Stuffing
Including more fish (and less meat) in your diet can be an important step towards achieving a healthier lifestyle—the American Heart Association recommends that you eat fish at least two times per week. Once you try this elegant but easy low-calorie recipe, you will look forward to fish on the menu on a regular basis.  
Sardines - 4 ways
There are plenty of good reasons for eating sardines. They are one of the best sources of omega 3’s, which are so important for brain and heart health. Sardines also supply calcium and are one of the few foods that are naturally high in Vitamin D. They are considered one of the most sustainable seafood choices, and of course, you can’t beat inexpensive canned sardines for convenience. So, stock up and enjoy sardines often. Here are some appealing ways to embellish a humble can of sardines: 

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