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Whole-Wheat Spaghetti with Spinach-Walnut Pesto & Zucchini Ribbons
Nothing beats pesto for a simple and satisfying pasta sauce. Classic pesto is made with basil and pine nuts, but it is a very flexible recipe. You can substitute other herbs and even tender leafy greens, such as spinach and arugula, for basil. Various different types of nuts also work well; walnuts are an easy way to boost omega 3’s and antioxidants. The trick to creating a generous-looking portion of pasta without piling on the calories is to stretch the pasta with pasta-like strands of zucchini. 1 oz whole-wheat spaghetti has 100 calories, while 1 oz zucchini has just 5 calories! 
Healthier Macaroni & Cheese with Caramelized Onions
In the chill of winter, comfort food is especially appealing. Here is an unconventional update of the perennial favorite, macaroni and cheese. Instead of the usual cream sauce, this recipe uses an easy sauce made with frozen squash, an excellent source of beta carotene, and low-fat milk. Surprising! Yes, but it works! Whole-grain pasta boosts fiber, while the delicious sweetness of caramelized onions complements the squash and cheese.
Whole-Wheat Fusilli with Lentil Bolognese Sauce
This is a humble dish—but so satisfying. Lentils deliver an incredibly rich flavor to a simple pasta sauce. Small French green lentils, which can be found in the bulk sections of natural food stores, are more delicate than Spanish brown lentils (the typical lentils found in supermarkets) and cook faster. As most of the ingredients in this recipe are panty staples, you can put the dish together on nights when you haven’t had a chance to shop for fresh ingredients. I chose a curly pasta shape for this sauce because the lentils nestle in the grooves of the pasta.

Whole-Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms & Spinach
A festive lasagna, studded with a meaty mushrooms (instead of fatty sausage and ground beef) and enriched with a low-fat but creamy spinach sauce is perfect for holiday entertaining and potlucks. And, it is practical because you can assemble it ahead of time and bake shortly before serving. 
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